Comedian Kate Nicholls and her straight-laced Christian mother Claudia have always been polar opposites, yet somehow, uncomfortably close. So close that Claudia often “accidentally” refers to Kate’s older brother as “our son Nick” while Kate refers to herself as Claudia’s “emotional support daughter”. Their apparent sense of humor is what got them through the toughest time of their life, Claudia’s diagnosis of Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

They went through all Seven of the Stages of Grief together. All while being adult roommates after Kate moved back to her small hometown to be by her mother’s side. However, they both agree that there is an 8th stage to grief, and that is laughter. Let’s be honest, Cancer is an A-HOLE. It doesn’t deserve our respect. It does not deserve for us to tiptoe around it while speaking in hushed tones. Cancer deserves for us to laugh in its face and be made fun of behind it’s back. SCREW CANCER!

Claudia has been “bullying” Cancer by traveling the world, spending as much time with her kids as possible, and checking every item off of her “Bucket-List” possible. So when she told Kate she wanted to have a Podcast with her and interview as many people that she admired as possible, Kate did her best to make her mother’s dream a reality.

This is Stage 4 Clingers, the Podcast about a mother and daughter navigating their way through a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis with a healthy dose of humor. Not because they think Cancer is funny, this is just the way that they cope.